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Do you feel like the alarm rings too early every morning, and you keep on pressing the snooze button? During the day, you would like to take a nap? And in the evening, the couch and junk food are more attractive than doing anything that requires physical efforts? If this sounds familiar, please read our helpful tips on how to beat the winter fatigue!

Early morning and sleepy woman in a bed - winter fatigue

You are only one workout away from a good mood

Misty mornings, gray days, and dark evenings rarely attract anyone, especially if you happen to live in a place where the winter season feels like forever. Don't worry, you really aren't alone, mild winter fatigue is widespread.

How then to increase the energy level best? The answer is perhaps cliché but it is vital to get more active! Did you know that exercising at least twice a week is proved to be an effective remedy for fatigue during the darkest season? Regular workouts relieve fatigue and activate the central nervous system, which again alters to our hormonal function.

Also, one of the essential things to fight winter fatigue is to eat regularly and healthy. Our appetite may often grow in winter. And as a result, we often enjoy high-calorie foods and sweets. That, combined with a little exercise can lead to several pounds of weight gain during the winter months.

Woman enjoying outdoors - winter fatigue

Light therapy

If you feel like you haven't seen the sunlight forever and the dark mornings seem too long, the solution might be having your breakfast in front of the light therapy lamp. The bright light therapy mimics sunlight but has been filtered out by UV radiation.

Light treatment is more effective earlier in the morning, and enjoying the light treatment in the mornings also improves your night's sleep.

If you don't own a light therapy lamp, if possible, try to get outdoors during the light hours. And, remember to open the curtains during the day and let the floods of light enter.

Woman sitting front of the window what might help against winter fatigue

Winter fatigue and healing nature

I can prove this myself; mood improves when you go for a walk in nature. At the same time, the brain receives oxygen and stress is released. I think walking is a particularly therapeutic form of exercise. Moving around in nature and observing the environment takes your attention out of yourself. Nature is a perfect place to forget your worries for a moment.

We can do this! X Teija


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