Keto diet is still trending, and no wonder - many people have had great results during the diet. If your goal is to lose weight and you are thinking about how to start the keto diet, then check my three valuable points, what to consider before starting!

Think about lasting lifestyle change

Before starting the keto diet, you should think about permanent lifestyle change. Which by the way, we should always strive for - lasting change. There is no easy way out to lasting weight loss - it still requires a change in your lifestyle.

Being on a keto diet requires significant changes in your diet, especially if your current nutrition is carbohydrate-rich. And often, at first, some of these changes may seem surprisingly tricky. Therefore consider carefully if you are ready for a lasting change and lasting weightloss.

Green vegetables and avocados on a table- how to start the keto diet?

How to prepare for starting a keto diet

For many people, the first days or even weeks during the keto diet can be stressful. It is good to prepare for the so-called keto flu. There is a chance you might feel miserable and energyless at first. Your loved ones may have to suffer from your irritable mood. Being aware in advance that your condition may be a little lame at first - it's easier for you to continue your diet without significant setbacks.

Sure we are all individuals; it can vary big-time how the body reacts to change. For some, it can be easy, and for some, it can be very challenging to get started.

Food set-up on a restaurant table - how to start the keto diet?

Your daily habits & social life

A keto diet may also affect your social life. If you like to eat a lot out and try new restaurants, it can sometimes be challenging to find suitable meals for the low carb diet. Planning and food prepping get a whole new meaning.

Preparing meals can also be challenging if you are the only one in the family that follows the diet. It's not always fun to cook separate meals for yourself. However, it is good to think of a crucial point; keto food should also be nutritious and healthy. Luckily, the world is full of healthy meals that will suit not only who follows strict keto.

It's a good idea to think and plan how to start the keto diet and how to adapt it to your daily life and habits. Planning and excellent preparation will make your daily routine easier.

How to start the keto diet for real? If you're ready to make the change and need help getting started, check our 7-Day Ketogenic Diet Custom Meal Plan. We are more than happy to be there for you!

We can do this! X Teija


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