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Do you often feel stressed out? Do you have the feeling that your body and mind do not recover quickly after a hard and hectic day?

Check my helpful tips on how to recover faster and get better in stress management!

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Overloaded Mind

All-day long in a hectic atmosphere and stale air makes anyone feel worn out. However, often we will feel exhausted, even though in fact only our mind is overloaded. Moreover, sadly, in this case, the couch might attract us more than physical activity. Evenings the easiest option is to spend time in front of the TV. Being physically passive is tempting instead of doing something that actually could restore the mind and body better way.

Often what we think might recover us, does the opposite. Did you know that even a short walk in nature after a hectic day can work wonders for your body and mind after a long day sitting indoors? Not to mention an outdoor workout or being physically active.

We humans are not meant to sit indoors in the busy environment for the whole day. No wonder we feel unrecovered. It is time to re-think what are the best habits in stress management.

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Exercise and Stress Management

When I have personal training classes in the evening with my clients, I often notice that my clients feel tired and unmotivated. I understand it is difficult to feel fresh after a long day in the office. However, quickly, we find out that only the mind was tired, and not the body.

Already after the warm-up, my clients are starting to feel more energetic. Moreover, at the end of the class, my clients felt great, refreshed, and happy not to skip the workout. Work stress was history and energy levels higher.

To-do list

Spend everyday time outdoors. Even those busy days try to manage that you have a little break outdoors. It could be even eating your lunch at the nearest park, or having a short walk. Also, plan in your physical activity for some of the evenings. You can combine sociality and sports and, for example, get together with a friend for a walk- date. Movement, along with fresh air, is healing.

Sitting on the couch and watching hours marathon of series hardly makes your body and mind fresh and revived. Of course, it is not always necessary to be up to speed; it is also useful and necessary that we calm down. It's okay to watch your favorite show or settle down with a good book. It is about finding the right balance.

We can do this! X Teija


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