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How our metabolism is working, and how can we influence its activity? What is the best way to keep our basal metabolic rate active?

Aging doesn't have to automatically mean a few extra pounds to your waist per year if you increase your physical activity. And take care of your nutrition. Why is healthy diet crucial? Check out my vital tips for sustainable health & fitness.

Woman walking in nature and increasing her metabolism rate

What is basal metabolic rate?

Each of us has a basal metabolic rate (BMR). We can determine our basal metabolic rate by our age, body composition, and genetic background. Also, gender plays a role. Men burn a little more energy than women. Hormones also regulate metabolic efficiency.

Two-thirds of our energy consumption is spent on our basal metabolism - brain and muscle work plays a role. Plus the internal organs and tissues consume their share.

Action plan for active metabolism

If you feel like you are gaining pounds over the years, it's time to take action. A healthy diet is critical. Like mentioned above, the body will no longer consume energy as it used to, so we have to eat a bit lighter and increase exercising.

Blueberries on a bowl are fiitng to a healthy diet and friendly to our metabolism

Muscle mass is vital for active metabolism

As we age, our body's calorie consumption begins to slow down as our muscle mass decreases. Also, hormone activity slows down. The body does not consume energy like our earlier, younger days. Therefore it is vital to increase our activity level! Exercising is a must, and also, a nutrition-dense healthy diet.

Like said, increasing physical activity is vital as physical activity enhances metabolism. We also maintain our muscle mass during working out, plus we boost our metabolism momentarily and more permanently.

As we get older, lifestyle adjustments should be made to maintain muscle mass while maintaining healthy body weight. Remember, it's never too late to start exercising and eating healthy!

We can do this! X Teija


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