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Even short sessions with a kettlebell is an excellent way to start strengthening your body. I often get asked what the best kettlebell strength exercises are. Well, it all depends on your goal. I favor the exercises that make several muscle groups work at the same time. The gimmick is often not needed. First of all, learning basic techniques is essential. Check my top favorite kettlebell exercises and join my free kettlebell workout!

All-time classic exercise: Deadlift

The deadlift is an excellent movement. There are also plenty of different variations of this classic movement. The deadlift challenges your back, glutes and hamstring muscles to work.

Here I show you one of my favorite version, the sumo deadlift. When performing this exercise, keep your weight on your heels, back straight, knees soft and chest lifted.

Kettlebell thruster is another top exercise

I love movements which target my lower and upper body at the same time. Therefore let me introduce you the kettlebell thruster.

When starting the exercise, check that your knee and toe are inline. Then start to push your hips back and bend your knees to go into a deep squat position. Resist when you squat down and explosive push when you bring the movement up. I like to do deep thrusters to really make my glutes to work. Remember not to round your upper back!

Get the stronger upper body

Kettlebell single-arm row is a great exercise to your upper body! Bend over to get into the starting position and grab the kettlebell. Activate your shoulder blade of the working side. Check again that you have a good body posture - do not round your upper back. Also, remember to perform both sides!

Before you start to work out with a kettlebell, remember to always warm-up your muscles. Also lifting the kettlebell with an ergonomic back position is essential! Do not forget to finish your workout with a cool down and short stretch. Congrats, you are on your way to getting stronger!

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