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Would you like to increase your daily activity? And what are the best ways to get active and reach more steps? Check out our three tips on how to quickly improve your daily activity and health. It´s time to set and smash your daily step goal!

Teija reaching her step goal in Croatia - get active with us

1. Set a Daily Step Goal

I have already mentioned this many times before; a daily step goal is challenging you to move and get active!

We just made a plan with one of my clients to increase her daily activity level step by step. My client is a busy lady at work and also a mother, which means she does not have too much extra time. Therefore together, we designed how we could quickly increase her daily activity.

We switched part of the commute to walking instead of sitting on the bus. Walking is also possible in business clothing and does not take much more time than sitting on a bus in traffic.

Also, eating or picking lunch outside of the office gives you a nice break middle of the day and provides a little boost to your metabolism. And not only because of the calorie consumption point, but too much sitting is not suitable for our bodies.

Walking also lowers the stress levels, and a positive side effect is that the mind calms down. Which means you can concentrate better and work more efficiently.

Teija opening calendar and planning her workouts to get active

2. Get active - plan your workouts in advance

Developing and maintaining strength and cardio is essential to our body and our health. We workout weekly together with many of my clients. We schedule the workout times in advance, plus we also plan a weekly workout, so-called home workout schedule.

When your workout times are on the calendar, it's more likely that you don't skip them. I have found that planning brings regularity, certainly not just when we are talking about physical activity but also in other areas of life. Planning is half the battle!

Yellow apple watch and airpods on the table helps you to get active and reach your step goal

3. Use a fitness tracker

I love my fitness tracker. It gets me moving and keeps me motivated those days when I feel lazy. It's interesting that the fitness tracker really does affect one's motivation. I set myself a daily step goal, and I can easily track and be proud of myself when I'm reaching the goal. The fitness tracker also helps my clients to get active and motivated. Plus also helps them to work out in the right heart rate zones.

You could say that the fitness tracker is the body's computer!

Short summary

Start with small daily challenges; do not immediately set goals too high. Even only a 15-minute extra walk every day will affect your health positively. Drive to the farthest parking lot, carry your shopping bags briskly and use the stairs instead of the lifts. In the end, small changes make a significant impact.

We can do this! X Teija

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