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The secret of keeping your workout motivation high and eat clean is paying attention to the details. When the aspects of your daily life work, it is also easier to make healthy choices and keep the motivation high.

Empty fridge when you are hungry and lost workout gear in the morning will not help you to keep the spirit high. Small details are important, and they guarantee the path to success and well-being.

Wonderful breakfast with details that enhance well-being

Make healthy choices possible

Let's start with nutrition. Behind taking healthy choices are prepping and planning. If your fridge is always half empty and contains unhealthy food, it is difficult to make healthy choices. Therefore check and plan your grocery shopping in advance. It is important to have always fresh clean food available at home.

Sunday is an excellent day to think about the coming week. What are you planning to cook during the week? What snacks can you prepare or take with you on busy days?

If you are thinking about your nutrition and daily routines, what could you generally improve? What could you do better, and how would it improve your well-being? I would suggest let's refine the daily habits!

If you eat a healthy lunch at work each day, but in the afternoon, hunger strikes, and nothing healthy is available, it's easy to walk for the snack machine and buy a bar of chocolate.

Thinking about everyday habits and paying attention to detailed eating will ensure that you always have healthy choices available. And therefore increase your well-being.

Woman sitting on gym mat and glowing with well-being - details matter

Details matter

Then let's talk about exercising. Do you have any obstacles that discourage your motivation from week to week? They can also be minor setbacks that you haven't even paid that much attention to, but they still bother you week after week and sabotage your workouts.

Necessary equipment and functional workout gear motivate you — small things like an excellent playlist for running or decent sneakers may affect your motivation more than you expect.

I recommend planning and proper preparation here, too, as details matter. Well-being and happiness are made up of many factors, and often we want to make significant, too big changes at once. Small steps instead of big changes are crucial to success. Pay attention to the little details of everyday habits. Minor changes can play a big part in making lasting changes and increasing your well-being.

We can do this! X Teija


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