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Can daily-activity boost weight loss? And why is being active essential during weight loss? Read further and learn how to improve your daily activity and how little daily improvements give you big, lasting results. Read our tips on how to get more active and boost your metabolic!

Woman parking her car far away from the entrance - increase your daily activity and boost weight loss

168 Hours

Let's compare and think about daily consumption and weight loss due to it. Obviously, walking or even standing consumes more calories than sitting. Often when we want to lose weight, we forget about the small important details. We only think about the "must" weekly exercise sessions and the calorie consumption it causes, although there is a total of 168 hours per week.

Yes, we have 168 hours a week. And if we think we sleep for about eight hours a night, which is 56 hours, we still have 112 hours left. Of course, many of us also need to work 8 hours per day, but even after that, if we think about the hours left over and think about increasing physical activity every day, we can boost our metabolism and energy consumption from small efforts. And often, little things lead to significant permanent changes.

woman increasing his daily activity - weight loss

Daily activity and weight loss in practice

So what does this mean in practice? For example, if you are an office worker, sit every day for 15 min less, which would already mean increasing your weekly activity almost two hours a week. Or walk every day, 20 minutes more, which brings you more than 2 hours of weekly light exercise.

Increasing 15-minute activity a day may seem ridiculous, but not at the weekly level. Stairs instead of the lift, carrying shopping bags, cleaning, watering flowers, parking the car further away: seem like small things but add up to the daily activity.

If your goal is to lose weight and increase daily activity, don't forget the little things. Of course, diet plays a big crucial part of weight loss, but having a healthy diet plus increasing your daily activity level will boost your metabolic. Light activities are also crucial for our body. I strongly believe that we humans are not meant to sit all day, so let's get moving!

We can do this! X Teija


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