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Before and during Christmas, weight loss and healthy active life are known to be more challenging. Celebrations, Xmas cookies, and chocolate - temptations are everywhere we go, making it troublesome to eat healthily. See my tips on how to feel good and continue a healthy life during a beautiful but challenging Christmastime.

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Stick to routines no matter how busy you are

For many of us, the calendar is filled with special events in December. It is easy to skip exercise when you are having a busy time and lots of stress. Also, in many corners of the world, December is dark and gloomy. Which makes it, even more, harder to stay active and energetic.

However, I can tell you that well-being does not improve by skipping exercise. Same as the tiredness will not disappear when you couch on the whole Sunday. We need exercise routines, and our well-being is mostly dependent on them. So do not skip your workouts; prioritize them! No matter how busy we are, it is always possible to plan and take a moment for a short workout.

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Get ready for the party - challenging Christmastime

A good tip before entering a Christmas party is to drink a healthy nutrient-rich protein shake. Therefore, you are not hungry, and less like binge eating unhealthy alternatives. Or at least you end up eating less junk when your stomach is full.

Also, avoiding sugary alcoholic beverages is a smart choice. Dense and sweet alcohol drinks make you feel not only tired, but they are also full of empty calories.

Be sure to drink enough pure water, the best way to prevent dehydration.

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Do not stress

I know, easy to say, don't stress. But really, there is no benefit to stress. Stress only causes adverse reactions in our bodies.

But what if stress seems to take over and you can't control it? Take a short moment for yourself. Take a deep breath. If you breathe properly, your body realizes you are not in danger and calms down. Do breathing exercises and meditate. If meditation seems unfamiliar, start with closing your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Even a few minutes helps you to calm down.

Remember to put things in order of importance. It's not only about how to beat challenging Christmastime. Taking care of yourself should be your highest priority. If you don't do it, who will do it for you?

We can do this! X Teija


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