Autumn is slowly arriving, and for many of us, it feels like the only thing remembered about the summer besides the tanning lines are a few extra pounds on the waist. How to get back to your ideal body weight after summer vacation? Check my three helpful tips, and get back on track!

Healthy colorful meal helping you to reach your ideal bodyweight

1. Regular eating

Especially during the holidays and summertime, we tend to eat a little more relaxed than regular, which is okay. We should enjoy life! However, the problem might be slight weight gain, which happens pretty easy if we are overeating and moving too little.

Therefore it is time to do a little "cleaning" of the diet. The first rule is to start to eat regular balanced meals and avoid sugary and unhealthy snacks. You don't have to starve, just updating your diet to a healthier version will help you to achieve your goals in the long run.

2. Ideal body weight with balanced nutrition

Balanced eating is essential when we want to eat healthily! It is vital to consume enough fresh vegetables and eat enough healthy fats. Make your plate colorful!

Adequate-protein consumption helps with feeling satiety. Just like sufficient fiber intake, which is also, it is essential to our gut health. If you love wheat delicacies like biscuits and bread, replace wheat with whole grains.

Moreover, remember that it is always possible to make healthy treats and snacks that also taste good. A healthy diet does not mean that you eat boring foods. Use your imagination and create delicious meals. Feel free to try new flavors!

Beautiful woman drinking orange juice and having ideal body weight

3. Time to get moving

It is time to pause the Netflix and get your butt out of the sofa! Getting back to your ideal body weight does not happen by itself. It is vital to increase your daily activity. Extra walk here, and there and you will burn more calories than sitting on your butt.

Also, it is time to get back to your workout routines! The beginning is hard, but after a few times of exercising, your workout routines are already getting more comfortable. Starting is the most crucial thing - No time and you are back in your habits and your ideal weight!

We can do this! X Teija