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References from valued long-term clients working with Teija

Teija is an absolute gem of a personal trainer

She knows when to push me. I look forward to our time together every week. As a busy mom and a professional, I really appreciate that Teija offers online training.

Emily, 46, North Carolina, United States

Teija motivates me to keep going

I have been training with Teija for 5 years, and I moved to Sweden in February 2016, and we continued with online personal training. I was so happy we could continue working together because Teija is fantastic and she cares about her clients. Because of Teija, I was able to lose 10 kilos and now maintain my weight. She motivates me to exercise weekly! Now we are doing online training live classes, and I'm using the fitness app. I can really recommend Teija and online personal training.

Riitta, 61, Stockholm, Sweden

I'm so happy we got to know each other

I'm training with Teija for 1,5 years. I'm glad because, with Teija's support and guidance, I have reached my next fitness level. Regular training sessions have made my body (and mind) stronger, and I'm always looking forward to our next meeting. I find the fitness app amazing. Training got so much more straightforward, and the best thing is, it doesn't matter where I am located (home or traveling).

Liliana, 58, Austria/Croatia

Teija is a personal trainer with an energetic and bubbly personality

She has a particular skill for motivation and inspires her clients with her positivity, to help them to reach their goals. We have been training together since January 2012. I'm using the fitness app and doing online training video classes with Teija, great option, and motivation for me!

Sirkku, 54, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Teija is an excellent personal trainer

I love working with her because she always makes training fun and no two workouts are ever the same. She has challenged and inspired me to be as fit as I can. Thank you Teija, I couldn't have done it without you!

Rebecca, 39, London, United Kingdom

Training with Teija is rewarding

It's hard work, but always fun as Teija makes training interesting with new programs each week. On top of being super motivating, Teija is also very caring, and you feel that you have a personal trainer who takes the time to find training, meal plans and whatever else you need to live a healthier life. I can highly recommend her!

Carina, 50, Stockholm, Sweden

Reaching my goal with Teija

Teija is a fantastic personal trainer and nutrition coach. If you are wondering how to get exercise adapted into your everyday life and looking for to gain some strength or endurance, I can highly recommend Teija's tailored programs. Teija coached me when I finished the marathon and ran my own personal best. Great memories!

Paivi, 33, Helsinki, Finland

Five years fitness journey with Teija

We are soon celebrating five years of training together. Thank you for motivating and guiding me to a healthier lifestyle.

Cecilia, 62, Vienna, Austria

I highly recommend Teija

I started training with Teija in January 2012. Teija helped me get in shape for my wedding and stay in shape during my pregnancy. Teija tailors a custom-made training for each of her clients, taking into account her client's individual situation, requirements, and goals. She is very motivating, reliable and fun to train with. She is always up to date on the newest training trends. Teija has detailed knowledge in areas that complement her services as a personal trainer, such as nutrition. I can't imagine training with anyone else!

Katharina, 35, Vienna, Austria

Change of workout and nutrition habits

I have been working out quite often in the past years. For me, the reason to get a personal trainer was to have someone to get me to work out regularly despite my busy work schedule. What I didn't expect was, that my self-made diet and workout plans turned out to be inefficient! Teija pointed out mistakes that I had been doing for long and hadn't realized, e.g. eating too little when trying to get in shape (thanks to food diary!), not working on my upper body or neglecting basic running. Nowadays, I even enjoy running, and real push-ups are not a problem! I might workout alone in the park next door or do a quick 30 Minute HIIT before getting a shower in the morning. Something I would have never even thought about before meeting Teija!

Milla, 32, Vienna, Austria

I fully recommend Teija

I have been training with Teija for 3 years now, and every time it is a boost. Teija always motivates me to set goals and give that little extra to reach them. I would recommend everyone to start training with her.

Ida, 52, Vienna, Austria