I'm aware that no supplement can cure any virus, especially Coronavirus. But the right nutrition and healthy habits are critical factors for strengthening our body. Check my tips on how to intensify your immunity system and boost your health!

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1. Gut Health

Immunity is a combination of genetic and environmental influence and refers to the body's ability to protect itself against germs. And studies show that the roots of the immunity system are located precisely in the gut.

The intestine typically has a balance between different bacterial strains. But if it breaks due to inadequate hygiene, antibiotics, an unhealthy diet, environmental toxins, or infections may result in dysbiosis. Dysbiosis or intestinal inflammation may result in an inflammatory reaction that can harm the entire body.

Stress and overweight do not promote gut health. Instead, pay attention to regular eating habits and fiber intake.

D- vitamin supplements for our immunity system

2. D-vitamin and Coronavirus

As mentioned before, no supplement can cure a virus, and no specific food or nutrient alone does the trick. Variant healthy colorful diet is a key, including a lot of vitamins C, D and folate, zinc, and selenium, which maintain our body's immune system.

Especially Vitamin D is actively involved in the functioning of the human immune system. And recently, I have been following with interest studies whether vitamin D could also be useful in the fight against coronavirus. Low levels of vitamin D in the body are otherwise associated with many different diseases. Therefore, I am looking forward to more research findings on the links between vitamin D and the Covid-19 and recovery from it.

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3. Regular sleep and activity

There has been a lot of talks lately about the importance of sleep. Too short a night's sleep and a miserable sleep rhythm can have adverse effects on our health and our body's immune system. I would also add the importance of the activity to the same breath. The benefits of exercise for our health and well-being cannot be ignored.

It is good to keep in mind that humans are a comprehensive entity; nutrition, exercise, and sleep are, of course, key factors for a healthy life. But it is also good to remember the mental side. A person's attitude towards life, positivity, and joy are significant influencing factors, whether we are talking about maintaining our health, fighting or recovering from an illness.

We can do this! x Teija


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