11. September 2017
Starting exercising after a long break or even after a holiday might be difficult. It's hard to motivate yourself to start again, especially now when the Autumn is coming. It would be so much easier just to spend the evenings watching Netflix and drinking a glass of red wine when the nights are getting chillier.

24. July 2017
Morning runs give you a great energy boost for the day. Check our 5 brilliant tips how to shine in the morning!

13. July 2017
Summer is here and for many people that means holidays and a time to travel. Lately, I’ve needed to travel more and spend longer times in the car. On previous road trips, I have often felt tired and weak. I have recently learned how to avoid that, make the best out of a road trip and stay a motivated while on the move. I’m happy to share my five tips that will make your road trip a raging success!

13. February 2017
I can’t believe, that it is already the middle of February 2017. The last year was an inspiring for me, but also more busy than usual. In summer 2015, I felt that to best support my clients, I had to educate myself further. I decided to study Nutrition Coaching and become a specialist in Sports & Fitness Nutrition Coaching.

18. December 2016
It wasn’t that long time ago when even I was tired of the heat and never ending summer in Vienna. Me, the biggest summer lover. This year I was even excited about Autumn, and I decided the first time of my life, I’m not going to complain when the winter arrives. Funnily, it is only mid-December, and I regret everything I said. I’m missing the sun and light already so much! Though, I try to keep myself active and think we are lucky to have all the four seasons.

01. November 2016
I have been using protein powders for years. I have noticed that my recovery is better ( my muscles are not so sore anymore!) when I take a shake example after tough strength training. Sometimes I add little bit extra protein powder to my breakfast smoothie, because I noticed adding little bit protein to my smoothie, keeps the hunger away longer time. Before I felt frustrated and confused because of many different kinds of variations of proteins out there, and it was no easy choice. What is the...

02. October 2016
Tip 1. Prefer organic and fresh food If possible, choose organic products and choose food grown as close to your home as possible. Food that travels from another side of the world can’t be that fresh anymore when entering to our supermarket shelves. If by some reason you don’t choose or prefer organic, check it out, it might be that some of the products were treated with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Good as well to keep in mind, organic label doesn't change a less healthy food...

10. September 2016
I was talking with my friend and going on and on about healthy nutrition, and I think she hit the point when she said “Supermarket is the new pharmacy. “ She couldn’t be more right. Choices we make in the supermarket has a tremendous impact on our health and well being. It’s more and more important what we pick to our shopping baskets. After knowing now more about the food industry, I feel like I need and I want to pass the information further out there and help as many people as...

20. August 2016
You hear the words STRESS, HECTIC and BUSY so often these days. Our life became so hectic that it is weirder NOT having stress than another way around. Sometimes people are even competing and bragging who has the busiest and hectic life going on. Thinking - the busier you are and more things you have going on, - makes you look more successful and cool. And if you happen to mention you don’t suffer stress or going even so far that you are relaxed and happy, people might give you a pity...

23. July 2016
Do you sometimes feel that you are doing your workouts just because you have to?You don’t enjoy it or have fun; you just do it because you know it’s good for you? Did you somehow lose joy and motivation? Sticking to the same routine can be very convenient, but at some point, this method may not give you any results, so you need to shake things up. Changing the workout routine can be a motivator and may make things more interesting and fun for you. Many of us are doing the same workout plan...

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