What are the benefits of an intermittent fasting diet for our bodies? Many try intermittent fasting in the hope of losing weight but are there other benefits to fasting, and how does it work in practice? What is worth considering, and for whom is fasting suitable? We created our intermittent fasting diet meal plan for those who needed a little guidance and extra help when starting a new diet and actually a lifestyle.

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Health benefits of intermittent fasting diet

When we talk about the restricted eating window, it does not mean that then we can binge eat junk food, continue to lose weight, and improve our overall health. Plus, not to mention improving our gut health.

There are many studies on intermittent fasting and, for example, intestinal well-being. But still, if your diet is unhealthy, it will not do your body any good. The key is to find a sensible and healthy diet, whether it’s fasting or eating regularly. That’s why I encourage you to eat varied and check that you are getting all the necessary nutrients from your diet. You want to support and restore your body in the best possible way!

Give your body time

For some people, fasting may seem very difficult at first, and for others, it feels very natural and comfortable. If fasting feels too harsh and you would rather eat regular meals every day, there is no need to go for it. On the other hand, if you are curious and feel that it may be something that might suit you, there are many different versions to do it. And you can try which version fits best for you.

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Of course, it’s also a habit, and getting your body used to the new rhythm takes time. Many may give up after the first few days. If you have decided to try intermittent fasting, be patient and listen to your body. Try which version is best for you. Also, keep in mind that the results don’t come overnight, and it’s to pay attention to an overall healthy lifestyle.

To get started, we created our meal plan to help you out and guide you through your first week of intermittent fasting! Our meal plan will give you an idea of a balanced healthy diet, check out our 7-day intermittent fasting diet meal plan and get going!

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