What to consider when starting to exercise? How to maintain motivation after a few weeks from the start? Read our beginner's workout guide, and we promise that exercising will become a habit before you know it!

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Step 1. Beginner's workout guide - Set a realistic goal

One of the most important things to do when starting your fitness journey is setting up a goal. Think of a small goal for yourself. Even if your goal is a bigger weight loss challenge or getting the best shape ever, it’s a good idea to think about, for example, a 12-week milestone goal. The goal can be, for example, initially, three times a week of regular exercise, a 10-pound weight loss, or a 3-mile running goal.

Achieving goals motivates us to continue exercising regularly. So you shouldn’t set your goals too high at first. Keep your goals realistic. And remember, the habit will only become routine within a few months. So don’t give up if you would feel like quitting working out after a month. Keep in mind that it takes time for exercise to become a routine.

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Step 2. Beginner's workout guide - Make a sensible plan

Once you have set up your goal, you need a plan. The truth is that with sensible planning, you will optimize your results. It is often easy to skip exercising without a plan. Without a suitable exercise program, it may also be that the intensity of the workouts suffers, the recovery of the body slows down, and the risk of sports injuries increases.

The heart rate monitor/fitness tracker is a great help for tracking daily activities and workouts, for example, and especially when doing cardio. By monitoring your heart rate, you exercise sensibly. Plus, training in the correct heart rate zone makes working out even more pleasurable.

Nowadays, excellent fitness trackers are available at affordable. And I recommend them to every beginner. The fitness tracker provides great information about your fitness and progress.

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Step 3. Beginner's workout guide -

Find joy

Remember that exercise should give pleasure in some kind of way. Sure, training can feel hard at first, but if you still feel like you hate exercising from the bottom of your heart after a month from the start, you might want to think about finding other sports activities that might seem more appealing. Feel free to try different sports activities. By getting to know various sports activities, you will find suitable workouts for you and the training will be more fun.

Even now and then, training with a friend, a group, or your partner brings new motivation and inspiration. It is essential that you find your own way to move, whether you like to exercise alone or you are the type who loves group exercise. In any case, the variation is refreshing. Also, remember versatility and the joy of exercise. As exercising brings pleasure, it also becomes more likely a habit.

An exercise program designed by a professional will help you to get started and reach your goals. Check out our 12 Weeks Workout Program for Rookies. Let us help you out and be a part of your fitness journey!

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