Meet Teija and Karl

We are a happy couple of two certified online personal trainers. Together, we are a strong team and proud to create, plan and deliver all the services ourselves. We commit ourselves to coach, help and support our clients in the best possible ways to achieving their goals and living a better, fitter and healthier lifestyle.

teija storbacka execising outdoor with kettlebells and offering personal training in Vienna services

Teija Promberger

Teija, 42 (Finnish) is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with 20 years of experience.

She coaches clients worldwide, loves training, clean eating, traveling, tennis, fashion, and walking and hanging around with our beloved dogs Nella, Lumi, and Lukki.

Teija is providing most of our online fitness coaching services and speaks fluent Finnish, English, and German. She has dedicated her life for many years to fitness and health.

Personal Trainer Karl Promberger standing on Brooklyn Bridge smiling in New York full of fitness motivation and loving his healthy liifestyle

Karl Promberger

Karl, 46 (Austrian) is a true fitness-lover, started with ski racing and competed at the world championships in fencing.

He loves action sports like ice hockey, tennis, skiing, biking, and playing with our dogs.

Karl is an ISSA certified personal trainer. He speaks fluent German and English and is mainly responsible for technology, our website, and marketing in our private business.

Our mission

We provide best online fitness coaching services all over the world with heart, experience, and joy for a fit and healthy you.

Our values

Online fitness coaching and working with an online personal trainers is a very private thing. Thus we want to share with you the basic values that we live by inside and outside of our private business.

  • We create value for people every day
  • Our mission is to help people to be more active, fit and healthy
  • We are burning, enthusiastic and passionate about what we do
  • We think outside the box
  • We think and care for others first
  • We spent our time meaningful
  • What doesn't work right away will help on the way
  • We are patient to do and learn new things
  • We do whatever we can ourselves to stay up-to-date and self-independent
  • We care about people’s feelings and support to bring dreams to reality
  • We don't complain but look for solutions to solve any given problem
  • We don't bore people with things they didn't ask for or already know
  • We stick to our promises
  • We are honest and take full responsibility
  • We are grateful for everything we have
  • We don't take ourselves too important
  • We offer and keep the highest quality at all times
  • We take time for ourselves, family and friends
  • We take time for us
  • We listen and learn at all times

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