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We, Teija and Karl are a couple of two online fitness & health coaches. And as certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches, we consult people throughout the world to reach their fitness, diet, and health goals. Together we have more than 30 years of experience in personal training and participating in many sports competitions. As a result, we are passionately providing the best online fitness coaching services to great clients around the world. And we warmly welcome you to our website and are gladly here to answer any questions you may have. Start your healthy lifestyle now. We deliver fitness motivation and joy to your unique fitness journey!

The passionate online fitness coaches for a healthy lifestyle

We are two enthusiastic, certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches. Teija graduated in Finland and Karl in the United States.

Teija Promberger

Online Coach Teija Promberger

Karl Promberger

Personal Trainer Karl Promberger standing on Brooklyn Bridge smiling in New York full of fitness motivation and loving his healthy liifestyle

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Our mission

We are providing the best online fitness coaching services all over the world with heart, experience, and joy for your fit and healthy lifestyle.

Our online fitness coaching services

Over the last years, we have been developing different online fitness and health coaching services enabling your lifestyle-change. While all of them have shown excellent results for many clients, it's up to you to decide which coaching service fits you best. Read below and click a picture or "Read more" for further information about the specific fitness or nutrition coaching service.

Online personal training

Within online personal training, you can choose between various programs. Select the option that fits your needs best, and Teija will coach you in reaching your fitness and health goals. And she will provide feedback, ongoing support, and lots of fitness motivation.

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Online nutrition coaching

With online nutrition coaching, Teija will check and help you to optimize your diet to reach weight loss goals, get stronger, shape your body and feel more energetic. Choose the coaching option that supports your fitness and health goals best.

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Live online personal training

One live online personal training is 30 or 60-minutes long, and we can do it everywhere around the world. All you need is Skype or FaceTime. Teija will train, coach and motivate you personally and in real-time.

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Online live coaching

Talk live to Teija or Karl, get a weight-loss consultation, have your training and diet plans reviewed or start a personal mentoring program.

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Contact us

We want to encourage you to contact us anytime in English, German or Finnish if you have questions or want a call-back.