We created our high protein plant-based custom meal plan diet for vegans with a higher protein requirement or vegans who struggle with low protein intake. Too little protein intake is a relatively common dilemma in the plant-based - vegan diet, especially if protein requirements are high.

If you are active, exercise purposefully, or your goal is to lose weight, it is crucial to pay attention to a varied diet and especially the intake of protein. Getting enough protein will help your body recover and allow for progress. And when it comes to weight loss, a high amount of protein protects the muscle from energy deficiency, and this way, the weight loss is directed to the fat and not the muscles. Also, adequate-protein intake keeps you satisfied longer and thus prevents unnecessary unhealthy snacking.

Plant-based pancakes for high protein custom meal plan diet

Nutrient, Protein, and Fiber-Rich Vegan Meal Plan

Our high protein plant-based custom diet is nutrient-rich and includes plenty of healthy fats. Our diet is also high in fiber, keeping the blood sugar steady. All our vegan recipes are super yummy and easy to prepare. Recipes, such as breakfast Protein Brownie Pancakes, Mocha Overnight Protein Oats for snack option, and Chili Lime Tempeh & Veggies dinner, make cooking easy and fun. Plus Guarantee unforgettable taste pleasures. All our recipes are trendy, healthy, and protein-rich plant-based!

If you want to peek at how our vegan custom diet looks, click here, scroll down, and see an overview of our basic vegan diet custom meal plan.

Delicious vegan meal

Our 7-Day High Protein Plant-Based Custom diet meal plan includes

  • 7-Day custom meal plan for the high protein plant-based diet
  • We fully tailor the plan to your needs and goals
  • Delicious recipes making you feel awesome
  • Delicious recipes for your vegan nutrition
  • Meal prep guide
  • Grocery list to know what and how much to buy, giving you complete control over the meal planning process
  • High-quality food pictures
  • Nutritional values
  • Easy, healthy vegan recipes for the meals
  • New cooking ideas & motivation


Get your high protein plant-based custom meal plan

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7-Day High Protein Plant-Based Diet Custom Meal Plan

Customizing your meal plan

We will tailor the high protein plant-based custom meal plan to your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, goals, allergies, and limitations. Please fill in our information sheet accurately after purchasing the meal plan.

In case we have any further questions, we will contact you via email within 24 hours. If there are no further questions, we will customize and send your final plan within 48 hours.