It wasn’t that long time ago when even I was tired of the heat and never-ending summer in Vienna. Me, the biggest summer lover. This year I was even excited about Autumn, and I decided the first time in my life, I’m not going to complain when the winter arrives.

Funnily, it is only mid-December, and I regret everything I said. I’m missing the sun and light already so much. Though, I try to keep myself active and think we are lucky to have all the four seasons.

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How Should We Fight Against Winter Blue?

The biggest problem for many of us at the winter time is the lack of light. And when we don’t get enough light, it can result in lower levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a mood-enhancing chemical that regulates our well-being. When there are more light, serotonin production increases. Lower levels of serotonin can make us feel depressed.

Outside it is gray, and you are feeling blue, the only thing you might feel doing is watching TV and walking back and forth to your fridge. Honestly, the easiest solution would be to fly somewhere where it is sunny and warm and come back next spring. Just in case that this is not an option for you at the moment, check my five tips on how to win the fight against the winter fatigue.

1. Eat Wisely

Meaning it is maybe better to skip the last piece of cake on your plate and start to eat more complex carbs. Sweets and simple carbs quickly raise your blood sugar, and sugar spikes just make you feel more tired. Healthy nutrition should make you feel energetic and not make you gain weight during the winter period. Try to balance your cravings for simple carbs, avoid processed food and aim for healthy nutrient-rich diet.

2. Outdoor Activity

One-hour everyday outdoor activity in the middle of the day could be as helpful as sitting in front of bright light while drinking your morning coffee. Go outdoors in natural daylight every chance possible and take a walk, especially at midday and brighter days. And when you spend time indoors, try to sit near a window whenever you can. Open your curtains!

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3. Exercise

I know it’s hard to force yourself to exercise when you feel lame and unmotivated. But if you start, even 15 minutes of training might reduce your sweet tooth and improve your mood. Think about how much better you feel afterward instead of sitting on that sofa and eating chips.

4. Start a Hobby

Try something new. Challenge yourself and keep your mind active with a new hobby. It could be anything like cooking, singing, knitting, joining a group training, keeping a diary, or writing a blog. The important thing is that you have something to look forward to and concentrate.

5. Be Social

It's good for your mental health to be social. Instead of sitting home alone, go and meet your friends and family. Do something nice together. Make an effort to make time and keep in touch with your friends. Talk to your family and partner. When you get invitations to events or parties, go even you don’t feel so excited about it. Staying even little while will cheer you up.

Yours, Teija & Karl

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