How do you spread positive energy around you? How can we create a comfortable and supportive environment? I was listening to the radio one day, and the hosts discussed a school where the students put two plants in their classroom. One plant received a lot of love and praise for a month, and the other did not. The result was that one plant flourished, and the other one, as you can guess, wilted.

The purpose of the activity was to raise the children’s awareness of the negative effects of bullying. What a brilliant idea; this proved once again what a significant influence our words and actions have on ourselves and others. It also illustrated how empowering positive thinking and encouragement could be.

At the ideal moment, the right words can change someone else’s life. How could we support, encourage, and motivate each other more? Check out my three tips on how to spread positive energy around you!

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1. Offer praise more often

When is the last time you complimented a friend, partner, or even a co-worker? Acknowledging someone else does not have to mean making some grand gesture. It might be simply mentioning that you appreciate the meal that your partner cooked or telling your colleague that you value his/her input on your joint project.

The most important thing is that the praise is heartfelt and genuine. An encouraging atmosphere is essential for your mental well-being. When an environment is positive, everyone feels more confident and inspired to do their best. No matter what task or situation you find yourself in, your attitude is a critical factor in your success. Remember to encourage yourself and others.

You can accomplish so much more if you believe in yourself. Offering praise more often will also make you feel good. You make another person happy and feel better yourself. Also, offering others praise can raise your self-confidence if you are shy and find it challenging to display emotions around others.

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2. Embrace optimism

Friendly and optimistic people bring joy to others and create a more positive atmosphere around them. They can encourage you to see opportunities. If you can begin to be more optimistic, you will find that even challenging situations seem not quite so bad. You will look for the silver lining rather than waiting for the next cloud.

Not feeling very optimistic right now? Fake it until you make it as they say. Purposely practicing optimism will eventually make it a habit for you. Also, try to surround yourself with other people who have a positive outlook as well. Their confidence will be infectious and help you to see the positive around you until you can see it for yourself.

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3. Smiling is contagious

Body language is essential when we communicate with others. Smiling, expressing sympathy and offering small, supportive gestures to others can motivate and inspire them, and you will make other people's days better.

You can communicate positivity by smiling or waving to another person. It makes them feel seen and important to you. You might just find that you will start to see more smiles around you since smiling is contagious.

These three tips will help to foster a more favorable environment around you. It is never too late to start making small changes. Start with some spontaneous praise or a smile. Neither one costs a lot of time or effort. Positive people with a bright outlook on life are irresistible!

We can do this x Teija

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