It is time to wrap up the year 2018.  Therefore we would briefly love to share with you our highlights of this action-packed year. And also, 2FitnessLovers want to wish you an awesome start for the year 2019.

2FitnessLovers Teija in Burg Landkrone in Villach
Teija Storbacka in a old castle in Villach, Austria

2FitnessLovers Home base Villach, Austria

After new years celebration 2018 in Villach Austria, we started to miss the Spanish sun and it was time to head up to the road again. Our road trip through Europe to southern Spain began at the end of January.

2FitnessLovers Teija Storbacka Having break in France
Teija Storbacka having break in France

Road Tripping in Europe

This year we spent a decent amount of days on the road. Karl driving long hours and I with my laptop as a co-passengers. Plus our dog Nella switching between her two luxury beds on the back of the car, snoring and enjoying the ride.

In Spain, we were working hard to build further on our existing online business. Our so far favorite GoPro drone fitness video was also born on the Spanish coast – we are still very proud of this specific video.

2fitnesslovers Teija And Karl in Andalusia fron of the famous white town
2FitnessLovers in Andalusia

Good Bye Beautiful Andalusia

In spring 2018, it was time to the say goodbye to the beautiful Spanish coast. Thereby we took a little spring break in Villach, Austria for our next move.

2fitnesslovers spent summer time in taly
Summer home in Italy, Villa Baitella

Casa in Italy

Our next destination was beautiful north Italy. We had an unbelievable opportunity to live in a 400-year-old Villa. This gorgeous Villa was like a paradise for us with all the outdoor sports opportunities. During our lunch breaks, we went playing tennis and dipping into the swimming pool. It was just a perfect way to combine work and leisure time.

2FitnessLovers Teija and Karl hiking in Italy
Teija and Karl hiking on Lake Iseo

Breathtaking Scenery

Summer in Italy was burning hot and memorable. But Autumn got us faster than we thought. And brought the wind of changes. Apparently,  each adventure there is an expiration date. It was time to pack our stuff and return back to our home base, Austria.

2FitnessLovers Karl is skiing in the Alps in Austria
Karl is skiing in the Alps in Austria

Step out of your comfort zone

Now it is the end of December and we have found a new home base in our old hometown Vienna. The year 2018 was a heck of a ride, and it made us appreciate and be grateful for our experiences and excited about the future.

Building a new business is like a roller coaster. You are constantly being challenged and learning new things. But at the end of the day, it is a rewarding learning progress. You need to step out of your comfort zone in order to become stronger and grow.

2FitnessLovers Teija and Karl spending weekend on Lake Garda
Teija and Karl spending time on Lake Garda

Thank you

I’m really proud of the progress that my clients achieved this year.  Combining our fitness app and online classes brought great results.

We proved together with our clients that our method is working fantasticly. Therefore, we are super motivated to start the year 2019 and continue the great teamwork together.

Also, we want to thank all the people who have been supporting us on our journey 2018. Let’s stay positive and keep supporting and helping each other. Have a fantastic start for the year 2019! 

xxx 2FitnessLovers Teija & Karl
blog post christmas
Teija Storbacka in Spain filming home fitness videos


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