Online personal training

Are you looking for a lifestyle change but like to train at home? Do you travel a lot or don't like going to gyms? No problem! Teija will not only help you to improve your nutrition, but she will motivate you to be more active and start to enjoy exercising. And the best thing is, it doesn't matter where you live. And you don't need a gym membership! Teija will transform your apartment into your training area and help you to get started! If you want to get fit, why not to consider a professional online personal trainer, who knows how to make a start, keeps you going and makes you go the extra mile.

Online fitness coach Teija Storbacka running in forrest
Teija Storbacka

What is online personal training

Online personal training works nearly the same way as training with a local personal trainer. But it's even more convenient. It's not only an online personal trainer; It's a concept that helps you reach your fitness and health goals and keeps your motivation up wherever you are. Online personal training is for people who want to train at home, who are busy or travel a lot, don't like going to gyms or prefer outdoor exercise. Online personal training is for everyone! Teija's passion is to coach and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. She is not a robot who does the same training, workout and diet plans for everyone. Teija values each client as an individual and wants to get to know you!

Online Personal Trainer Teija Storbacka with water bottle
Teija Storbacka

Reasons to train with an online personal trainer

The job of an online personal trainer is to make people fit, healthy and happy. Proper exercise can result in a better body composition, stronger physical performance, good heart condition and positive health outcomes. An online fitness coach pays close attention to his client's exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan. Professional knowledge and motivation are the two prerequisites for effective training, and that's what an online personal trainer brings along.

Online personal coach Teija Storbacka holding a kettlebell in forrest
Teija Storbacka

What is your reason?

  • You want to look and feel better?
  • Are you dreaming of a healthy body?
  • Not enough motivation to keep up your fitness training?
  • Are you tired of starting over and over again?
  • Are you trying to get in shape after pregnancy or for your wedding?
  • Not enough motivation do to it alone?
  • Not sure what to do and how to train?
  • You feel that your fitness training isn't sufficient enough?
  • You tried various diets, and nothing seems to work?
  • Not enough experience of exercising?
  • Are you starting over after an injury and need professional advice?
  • Do you need better time management for your training and workouts?
  • You prefer to train at home or outdoors instead of going to the gym?

Then an online personal trainer is maybe just what you need!


Online Personal Trainer Teija Storbacka lifting a kettlebell in forrest
Teija Storbacka

How online personal training works

Step 1

After selecting online personal training bronze, silver or gold package, Teija will send you a fitness & health check-up using the Trainerize App. You answer the questions and send your fitness check-up back. This way Teija gets to know your general fitness & health history and learn about your individual goals. Teija needs this information for your check-in call and to plan your first weekly exercise and workout plan. It's essential getting to know you personally as Teija wants to get the best out of you!

Step 2

For online personal training we use our Fitness App. You will receive your weekly custom-tailored trainingworkout and nutrition plans, full fitness videos, etc., straight to your (i)Phone, iPad, PC or any other device. The communication is secure, you can contact Teija anytime, and we can track your progress together. Teija can follow your training and give you constant feedback. Just download the App, sign in and you are all set up.

Step 3

Now, when you are signed in, add your information and check if your weekly training, nutrition and workout plans are ready for you. Look around and get to know your online personal training App. You can also connect other Apps like MyFitnessPal for your detailed nutrition information, Fitbit, Facebook and Withings to your profile. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You are ready to go and reach your fitness and health goals. Teija will coach, motivate and support you on your fitness journey!

Get in shape the smart way with online personal training!

Personal Online Trainer Teija Storbacka and Karl Promberger at Laghi di Fusine in Italy
Teija Storbacka and Karl Promberger at Laghi di Fusine

Online personal training is my mission & life task

As an online Personal Trainer, my mission is to motivate people by setting achievable goals, creating customized strength and weight-loss programs, training or workout plans and provide individual feedback to get my clients to their personal best. My job as an online personal coach is also to measure my client's strengths and weaknesses with fitness & health assessments. These assessments can be performed before or after an exercise program to measure my client's improvements in physical fitness. I also educate my clients in many other aspects of fitness and health besides exercise, including general health and nutrition coaching. For me as an online personal trainer, it's essential to get to know my clients and know exactly how I have to work with them to make them fitter, stronger and healthier. Regularly changing training plans and fitness workouts is a significant part of my programs as it keeps the fun level up and provides much better results, body functionality and strength.

Online fitness trainer Teija Storbacka side-face
Teija Storbacka

Story behind online personal training

Over the last 12 years, some of my long-term clients decided to move away. Many of them are international people who lived abroad mainly for work reasons and wanted to go back to their home countries and families. Others followed a job opportunity or their partners and other dreams.

Happily, they still wanted to continue training with me and so did I! We tried to figure out how we could keep our regular training and workout sessions. At first, I thought that it's maybe difficult to do online personal training sessions with online training live classes (using Skype or FaceTime), but we just tried it. In the end, nothing changed. I could keep my clients, and they could keep me as their online personal trainer. Since then, having trained with many clients around the world, I noticed that I had to come up with something new to offer even more extensive services. I wanted to have a tool for closer connection with my clients. An instrument that allows me to set up training and full video programs, workout and nutrition plans and enables me to motivate my clients and steadily follow their progress. After a long search, I finally found what I was looking for, the online personal training software called Trainerize. Now, I'm using Trainerize on a daily basis to do online personal training and fitness coaching even more comprehensively. This way I can setup and adapt weekly training, and workout plans for my clients and follow their progress every day.

What you can expect when working with Teija

  • Personal relationship
  • Expert knowledge
  • Long-time expertise
  • Training to your needs
  • Getting stronger, fitter and healthier
  • Reaching your fitness or weight-loss goals
  • Dedication
  • Motivation
  • Understanding
  • Friendliness
  • Challenge
  • Feedback
  • Variety
  • Reliability
  • Quality

And the best thing in online personal training is that it really works!

Check our online fitness coaching services and start your fitness journey today!