What is 2FitnessLovers

2FitnessLovers was founded in early 2017 by a couple of certified personal trainers and provides fitness and nutrition coaching services to amazing people around the world.

What is in it for you

2FitnessLovers coaching services will help you to get and stay in shape wherever you are and with a personal trainer at your side.

Why 2FitnessLovers is unique

Everything on 2FitnessLovers is fully individual, tailor-made and personal. A real coach works with each client and designs every training and nutrition plan for specific needs and goals. We don't copy and paste, or automatically generate plans for thousands of people.

Who is it for

Our customers mainly want to improve their fitness level and eating habits to live an active, flexible and joyful lifestyle. We want to enable, and support maintaining it.

We believe that there is no need to seek body perfection or follow unrealistic goals. However, it is essential to take consistent care of our bodies and mind.

What we offer

2FitnessLovers fitness & nutrition coaching online and online personal live classes are the primary services that we provide for worldwide clients.

What is fitness & nutrition coaching online

2FitnessLovers exceptional coaching service that combines three components:

1) a custom training plan
2) a custom meal plan
3) a personal trainer at your side

Designed a subscription service that will enable the start, ongoing development, and maintenance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We are currently coaching about twenty long-term clients and we also offer online personal training live classes for people in many countries. With our approach, one coach can work intensively with not more than thirty clients. Therefore, every new customer joins a small but exceptional coaching family and service.

The team

2FitnessLovers consists of the two founders, Teija Promberger and Karl Promberger. Teija is the head coach, and Karl (the second coach) primarily takes care of technology, website development, and social media appearances.

Popular online fitness coaching services

Find our most popular online fitness coaching services here and click for more information. Online nutrition coaching and online personal training are two out of several options that we offer. By using the menu or links on our website, you will also find our other offerings: online live coaching, and live online personal training. Also, check our fitness & health blog for useful tips. Contact us anytime; we are happy to find the best option together with you.

Online nutrition coaching


  • Improve Your Daily Diet
  • With Online Nutrition Coach Teija
  • Fully Individual & Personal
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Online nutrition coaching
Online personal training

starts at $129monthly

  • Improve Your Fitness & Health
  • With Online Personal Trainer Teija
  • Fully Individual & Personal
  • Our Fitness App, Workout Videos, Personal Coaching & Much More
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Online personal training


2FitnessLovers certified personal trainers Teija & Karl, are coaching fantastic clients all over the world using a highly personal approach and powerful technologies. Here on our start page, we highlight some important features and insights of our online fitness coaching business and services. However, you can also use our menu and go directly to the best option for you.


As online personal trainers we know how important it is to be available when you need us. Our online fitness coaching clients can reach us every day via Phone, Email, Skype, FaceTime, Online chat or Social Media. Direct and frequent contact is what makes online fitness training fully personal and keeps you and us going.


Coaching clients online to achieve fitness and health goals is highly individual. No two clients are ever the same and thus we personalize all online training and nutrition plans, taking latest approaches and studies into consideration. And through constant adaptation our online training and nutrition programs never get boring.

Personal Support

Everything we offer and do in online fitness coaching is highly personal. Two people can make a difference and that is what we are doing every day. We believe in online personal coaching vs. standardized training plans. And our personal support motivates to keep going and change towards a healthy lifestyle.


Our heart rates are individual and so are our bodies, goals and possibilities. Not everybody needs to look perfect or eat a clean diet at all times. Important is to find a balance to live and enjoy life to its full extend. We are coaching our clients online to achieve realistic goals and feel confident and good with themselves. Perfection is not our objective but a healthy and joyful life.


We live in Austria and are training and coaching people online all over the world. With live video communication technologies as FaceTime and Skype and using phone, online chat, email, etc. we have all the possibilities to be with our clients. And when we sleep our fitness app will take over and notify us of your completed workouts and personal development.


Yes, we push and motivate our clients in online fitness coaching as that is a basic part of our jobs. But we always consider our clients physical and mental abilities as well as life circumstances. Our clients are often busy people with various job and family obligations and we make sure that our online training and nutrition plans take that into full consideration.

What clients say about working with online fitness coach Teija

Teija is coaching most of our clients and here is what they say. Find more customer reviews in our client references section. Disclaimer notice: there is no guarantee of specific results, and individual results can vary.
Reference Emily, Age 46, North Carolina, United States

Teija is an absolute gem of a personal trainer

Emily, 46, North Carolina, United States

She knows when to push me. I look forward to our time together every week. As a busy mom and a professional, I really appreciate that Teija offers online training.

Reference Riita, Age 61, Stockholm, Sweden

Teija motivates me to keep going

Riitta, 61, Stockholm, Sweden

I have been training with Teija for 5 years, and I moved to Sweden in February 2016, and we continued with online personal training. I was so happy we could continue working together because Teija is fantastic and she cares about her clients. Because of Teija, I was able to lose 10 kilos and now maintain my weight. She motivates me to exercise weekly. Now we are doing online training live classes, and I'm using the fitness app. I can really recommend Teija and online personal training.

Rebecca, Age 39, London, United Kingdom - Reference for 2FitnessLovers online fitness coaching

Teija is an excellent personal trainer

Rebecca, 39, London, United Kingdom

I love working with her because she always makes training fun and no two workouts are ever the same. She has challenged and inspired me to be as fit as I can. Thank you Teija, I couldn't have done it without you!